60-30 challenge

I was reading the new Watercolor Artist magazine the other day and noticed an article by Richard Stephens called “Loosen UP.”  I tend to get pretty tight and i love the look of a looser style.  I also noticed a challenge to try the same subject in two different paintings, one being 60 minutes from start to finish, and the next, same subject but in only 30 minutes.  I really had fun with this challenge.  the second painting is definitely looser and i changed some things from the first attempt (background) because i didn’t have time to fiddle!  For that reason, it was kinda nice to have a time limit!



The second painting for MWCS

Since i’m just learning my way around this site, i couldn’t figure out how to insert two paintings into one post…lol.  And i still might not have it figured out.  Anyway, here is the second painting that i’m entering in the MWCS show in Lewistown.  This one is “Yellow Flower”  ( i really am not very creative with the names)  Its on Fabriano Artistico 140# rough.  Its painted with permission from Suzy Knabel.  I was so drawn to the colors in the glass, all the little bits and pieces of color….what a gorgeous piece of glass that vase is.  I also loved the dark background.  This was a very challenging painting.  I had a hard time leaving the little bits of white so it would read as glass, and the shadow/reflection on the surface was so prominent in the photo, but distracted the eye in the painting.  I really loved painting this, even tho i don’t consider myself a flower/still life painter.  Image

White Tulips

White Tulips

I am new at all this painting/watercolor society/competiton thing. I joined the Montana Watercolor Society and have decided to enter the June show in Lewistown. I can enter two paintings. The “White Tulips” is on a 1/2 sheet of Fabriano Artistico 140# rough. Painted with permission from Gwen Card. I was attracted to the whites and the lost and found edges, and of course the glass, I just love the color of the jar.