Color Play

Recently, I was given a challenge….to paint using only analogous colors. Its actually fun to do and relaxes me…knowing I don’t have to agonize over which colors to us and just what do i have to mix to make a certain green or what ever! Its just three colors…living beside each other on the color wheel. (neighbors!) Any three. I chose Quin. burnt orange, Quin. red, and carbazole. (purple) This is as close as i get to following anything “by-the-book” One tube has orange in the name, one had red, and one should have purple. I’m not a purist here! lol

I had a photo of one of our baby calves. The light hitting the side of the face, ear, and back caught my eye. I messed up the proportions on the head a bit but oh well. This is the second attempt at the calf. Then I decided to try the same colors on a pear still life. I over worked it a bit, trying to get stronger contrasts. They aren’t perfect but i had fun and got into the paints.




Two boat paintings.

Living in the middle of Montana, where there really isn’t much water in site, I, for some reason, felt compelled to paint water. That led to these boats. I am in awe of artists who can paint water…that beautiful glowing, shimmering water that looks so real that you’re sure your looking at a transparent painting that you can see right through. So i decided to see if i could figure it out. But in these two paintings, i got a little more into the boats and not the water.



Practicing Skin Tones

I’m a part of a painting forum called Painting Friends, and someone issued a portrait challenge but, first we were to practice painting the parts first.  ears eyes nose lips skin….Well painting just skin tones without a form, just didn’t read right to me so i HAD to use a face.  (not following the rules  lol)  This is the second attempt at this little girl.  I loved painting this, and i see more portraits/people in my future, along with lots of other things that catch my fancy.  




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