So, i’ve missed posting painting for several days. In Montana, we don’t get many opportunities to take watercolor classes with much substance. Well the Montana Watercolor Society happened to get ahold of Kathy Collins. I had a wonderful time, and learned a lot. I’ve never put so much wet thick paint on with such a large brush! It was an intense two days. Not only did i use an expensive amount of paint, i actually painted 7, 1/4 sheets. I had a blast but ended up completely wiped out…in a GOOD way!
So here is what i painted today, as a result of the workshop. 15×11 FA 140# rough.



Day 19,20,21 JUST PAINT in JUNE

Have had a few “rough painting days” so i decided to just play. I painted a bunch of cards that i watched Vinita Pappas demo on her wonderful online class. Here are a few. I think I’ll paint a few more and then i’ll have a great stash for emergencies! The white strip will be for the words, to be determined, as needed! Check out her class if you’d like!





My offering for today is from a photo I took during last fall’s cow work. We share help with the neighbors in the area. Its a nice way to spread the work load, and get in a good visit or two. These two fellows are taking advantage of this ripe opportunity by chatting up a storm, solving the problems with our gov’t and other peoples children! lol I always get stuck at the other end…the working end! These two are so busy cussing and discussing, that they had to be frequently reminded to bring more cattle! Oh, and one of these two chatters is my husband!

7.5×11 Fabriano Artistico 140# rough



Sorry for the double post today. I’m trying to catch up on everything.

This is my old nemesis. The cows. This is the 4th attempt. I keep thinking that there MUST be a way to paint this, that makes me happy.. It was a wonderful crisp winter morning, and we were moving the cows home to start feeding. I am in the lead with the pickup and bale of hay. Jay is somewhere bringing up the stragglers. The one horned cow is always in front. I like the way the early winter light hits the sides of the black cows, giving some definition to all the blackness. i just can’t seen to get it across in a painting. And so i have it out of my system for a while longer. (I hope)

this started out a half sheet size but i cropped off some of the sky. As always, FA 140# rough.


Day 11, 12, 13

I live in a very rural part of Montana. We’ve had some amazing rain but with that has been some wicked storms. The last one knocked out the electricity for about 20 hours. No lights, no computer, no internet, no hot water. So, that set me behind for getting my paintings posted, besides, it is NO fun to paint when its overcast and I can’t see!

Anyway, i really am not happy with either of the first two. They lean, and are just not nice at all, and i considered not sharing them, but I pulled up my big girl panties and figured i would be forgiven for their crappyness….eventually!


The third one is today’s painting, and i did it for the Montana Watercolor Society’s raffle book. I’m happy with it. I was going for the fractured look of crystal without being a slave to ALLLLLL the details. “Loose within the lines” was what i was hoping for.


Here it is, day 10 already. One third done. I’m certainly finding the challenge invigorating. I love the challenge of painting every day, finding inspiration every day, and putting that inspiration on paper. I’ve been keeping most of the paintings on the small side. 11×7.5 for most of the paintings. Today’s painting is from a reference photo by Mollie Jones from Painting Friends. It just frustrates me to no end…how can something so simple and smooth be so darned hard to get on paper. Yesterday’s teapot was ten times easier! So here is today’s painting. 7.5×11 on Fabriano Artistico 140# rough