Fuchsias on Yupo

I’m finding this paper seems to be just what I need, for now at least, to help me loosen up and not worry about lost edges. (I tend to fix them when I manage to get one) This is based on some photos from the http://paintmyphoto.ning.com/ site, and a demo at https://c38.bloomfire.com/ I like that i can go back in and lift out a few highlights and change colors all on a whim.



Playing with Yupo

As a challenge, i’ve been playing with yupo. My first attempt, which i won’t be showing, was pretty horrible. I looked at it for about a month, trying to wrap my head around how i failed SOOO badly. I finally just threw it away and figured i’d wait until my upcoming painting retreat, to have some help. Then my friend Mollie mentioned having basically the same thing..having horrible results with the yupo, but then went on to have some great success, i decided to save the discarded paper. I scrubbed it off, pulled up my big-girl panties and had another go. With a little pre-planning, i was more successful with my next attempts. And actually, i had a lot of fun!!! Will definitely be painting on yupo again. And at my upcoming retreat, we are planning on trying alcohol ink on the yupo. This should be interesting!




Painting something “Pretty Ugly”

This was an idea from Vinita Pappas’ online class (create38) This seems to be an ever existing problem for me. I tend to see things as too ugly or boring to paint. They don’t interest me. Then I see someone else paint what i passed on and wonder, “well why didn’t I see it that way?” So, i stepped out my back door and immediately found a very ugly propane tank. I pulled up a chair and studied its “ugly” qualities. What could i do to make this a paint worthy subject? What were my intentions? I sketched it a few times, then did a couple of quick paint sketches. Then i did these two paintings. My intentions were…
1. have a counter change…dark against light
2. have some lost edges
3. and small bits of interest
4. some bold paint colors

So here are my two “Pretty Ugly” paintings. The one with the tank and power poles is on hot press and the barn and tank is on rough. both are 11×15.