Working out a street scene

So, my “Painting Friends” wanted me to demo a street scene at out “Splash” get-to-gether! yikes! This is something i can do WELL…in my head and in my dreams, but getting it to come out my brush is so hard. these type of paintings are NOT my strong suit. I like working out the perspective, and planning what will go where, but i find it hard to paint that area between the background and the foreground area, i think of as “no-mans-land” Its the area that i always wonder just what the heck i’m gonna put in there! anyway, i like the one point perspective plan, and an interesting sky line too. I think i’m finished now. I added a little bit of color along the street to add interest, and lead the eye. I added a little chinese white to tone down the far building just a bit.



Painting Glass

While in San Diego, we worked on a glass painting project. My friend Mollie Jones took the pic of the setup. She can really put together a great setup. So we started with a great photo and went from there. I had a hard time with the red bottle but loved the front one that had a little frosted design on the sides. The bottle stoppers were so interesting, throwing around the colors of all the bottles. It sure made for a lot of interest.
Every now and then i like to settle in and paint a whole lot of detail!

Painting trip to San Diego

I’ve had 10 days in beautiful San Diego Ca with some dear painting friends. We had amazing accommodations, interesting views, good food and a fabulous time. My husband doesn’t believe me when i say that i now need a vacation. We painted every day but one i think. Its exhausting. But so invigoration and inspiring! We did a little plein air, glass, streets and figures, faces…a mix of just about everything. I’ll show you a few things over the next few days.

Here’s the first. We all tried alcohol ink…the first time for me. Painting with that stuff is difficult to say the least, but I think i finally got the hang of it. I tried it on yupo first, and then on tile. I like working on tile the best.


These are on the yupo. I had absolutely NO control and ended up doing a little ink, trying to save things.


This “flower” if you want to call it that, in on the white tile. This was a little better, but still hard to control. I would spray the ink with the alcohol and it would just bleed all over. The nice thing with the tile is that it wipes right down to pure white again.


This last one is on a white subway tile and I used no alcohol and no canned air, and no blowing through a straw. I just had the ink bottles in one hand and the tile in another, and tilted the tile to control the ink. I really enjoyed the pears. I could see me doing more of this….kitchen backsplash perhaps? lol
I need to spray the tile with acylic to seal.

More from my trip later!