On Standby…


For this painting i used a photo i’ve had for a couple of years. I took it during a branding, where the horses, after the gather, were all tied up or hobbled and allowed to graze. This fellow looked like he’d had all he wanted of the cold blustery day and was ready to head to the barn. I’m hoping to try him again using some more interesting color. I’m seeing a few things that i still need to tweak, like the dot of white in the eye…it just isn’t right.



The Last CA Painting

Here is the last of the painting fun I had in California. I was so motivated to paint this happy, colorful little scene with brightly colored laundry. And i was wanting to try my new bamboo ink pen. I wanted to narrow the comp to mainly the clothing and the colorful paint on the building. On such a flat building, i sure had trouble with some of the perspective on the balconies! Finally just a fun relaxing painting.


A Good Day For Laundry
Fabriano Artistico 140# rough paper.