Horse No. 2

There is just something about the picture of this horse. it has held my attention for a couple of years now. It was a chilly blustery day and we were scheduled to brand calves. After the gather, the horses got to rest and graze. this guy had hobbles on so he got an early lunch.
I wanted to paint him again and go for more neutral colors and be a bit more loose…with in the lines at least! I loved painting his face and the mane! its challenging to paint on a flat surface, trying to get the curves and shapes, of something that i know by heart, having brushed and petted them all my life. As i applied the paint i would think about running my hand over that spot and how it would feel.
This is 15×22 Artistico Fabriano 140# rough


Fall Work

While doing our fall riding and sorting, shipping calves and preg testing and vaccinating, I took lots of pictures. This picture was early in the morning on the day we shipped calves. The sun had been up for just 20 minutes or so. It was crisp and sunny. The perfect combo for a painting. I liked how the sun it the sides of the cows and my husbands hat and jacket. With the fall colors in the back, i felt i had a good basis for a painting. This one is 11×15 Fabranio Artistico 140# rough paper. watercolor.