Thinking Spring! already

I’m still working on just using the 4 colors.  Q. red, Q. gold, C. blue, and Prussian blue.  I’ve painted this little fellow before.  For some reason, as i was looking for inspiration,  and decided i could do another painting.  With the challenge of just the 4 colors, it felt new and fresh to me.  

9×12 watercolor on Fabriano Artistico 140# rough.



Trying a new color palette.

Its been a while since i shared any paintings.  After the Christmas Stroll, I was a little glum…nothing to motivate me.  But I never stay that way for long!  lol  So i decided to repaint on of my recent paintings.  The one of my husband riding among the cows.  I read an article in the most recent Watercolor magazine about using just 4 colors.  So i chose my colors…Quin. Red, Quin. Gold, Cobalt Blue, and Prussian Blue.  These colors are WAY out of my comfort zone.  I’ve had them in my palette for a long time but really avoid them most of the time.  This was challenging but fun. So fun, in fact, that i’ve tried those colors in a winter scene too.  I’m kinda loving it.  So for now i plan to use these colors and really get to know them.  

So, here’s the first one.  The brighter version of Jay riding through a bunch of milling cows, late this fall during some fall work.  This one is 11×15 


Here’s the second one with the same color palette.  Its interesting that the same colors can produce a wintery scene.  I did try warming it up a bit with the red and yellow.  I’ve cropped off some of each side.  This one is about 11×10 


The Christmas Stroll and cards

Winnett Montana’s first ever Christmas Stroll  was a rip roaring success.  The little town was full.  The streets were lined with cars, even with the -15F temps.  My daughter and I had our “goods” in the lobby of the courthouse.  Malori was selling her hand made horse hair jewelry, and i had several paintings and Christmas cards.  It was so fun to see the crowds come pouring in, with their rosy cheeks and tons of clothing!  I got to do lots of visiting…so much so that I was loosing my voice by the end of the evening!  here are some of the Christmas cards i painted!  So much fun…can’t wait for the “2nd Annual Winnett Christmas stroll!  ImageImageImageImage