While we were in Arizona this winter, i had no wheels, and so i was left to my own devices.  There was little to paint right at the condo and i didn’t want to hike with all my painting things to plein air paint, so i bought a bouquet of stargazer lilies at the grocery store, and a glass swan.  This painting really gave me fits.  I had already started the painting before i realized that i didn’t like the head of the swan in the midst of the lily.  Not enough separation.  It was quite challenging getting the smooth transitions to form the petals.  In the end, i had to rework this several times.  

11×15 Fabriano Artistico 140# rough




Several months to catch up on.

I have to apologize for my absence.  I have a new computer and have had a horrible time getting it to let me into my wordpress blog.  After several hour on the phone with tech support, over the last two months, i am FINALLY able to get into the dashboard and make a post!  It would not have taken the normal person that long, but when it comes to technology….I’m slow!  

So…now…where was i…I think the last painting i shared was a little lamb, and i was really thinking spring….well THAT didn’t happen, did it?  lol  So i guess its back to colder weather.  I had a photo of my MIL’s house that i had wanted to paint for some time.  i loved the misty foggy look and the cows that walk by under the lip of the hill.  


15×22 140# rough paper

not available (my sister in law had to have it!)