Prairie Pickings

I’ve grown up on the prairies of Montana. I’ve married a rancher and raised my two children on these same open prairies. One of the many benefits and joys that come with this lifestyle is hunting for glass treasures. The ranches I grew up on and the one I live on now, are littered with old homesteads, and on these bits of forgotten lives one can find a glimpse of the “old days.” Sometimes one can find shards of purple glass and on a really good day it might be a whole bottle. Every little piece speaks to me and I save it. Over the years I’ve found several treasures. One day I noticed the interest created when the bottles overlapped. I played with my camera and came up with this composition. While painting this piece I spent a lot of time mulling over the death of a friend and when I see this painting, without fail, I think of this wonderful man and his family, and how it has intertwined and overlapped my own family, kind of like these bits of treasured glass do.