Australian Terriers

A neighbor of mine has an Australian Terrier named Mozzie, and so do several of her family members. She asked me to paint them. I only got through two of them.

This is Mozzie. Its on 15×22 Fabriano Artistico 140# rough.

Here is the second little fellow….I can’t remember his name. He has such a “fox-like look to him. FA 140# rough. I did fix that thin white line from the nose to the eye.


5 thoughts on “Australian Terriers

  1. Bonnie says:


  2. Shari Swanson says:

    What I said about portraits? Ditto, on all living creatures. Your purple cows, your horses — everything has life and that is what makes your work so exciting.

  3. joani1 says:

    Really nice, Wyna – got the fur very well!

  4. These guys are adorable. I really like your soft palette. You are great at portraits.

  5. Wow Wyna, I love their faces! I’m sure the owners will be thrilled.

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