From Grandma’s Kitchen

My good friend Mollie Jones issued a challenge…..choose one of her photos to paint. There were several that i liked and therefore couldn’t choose just one. I had to do two! I liked the first one because of the washed out sunlit feel….I could almost smell the towel that had been dried out on the clothes line. WhatAPeach-watercolor-WynaWoodford-15x11
15×11 “What A Peach” 140# FA rough paper

The second painting gave me more of a peachy feel. Those peach preserves just looked so good that i could almost taste them, and could smell the wonderful aroma of warn home made bread covered with butter and peach preserves! YUM!

This one is 11×15 FA 140# rough. I got real imaginative with the title on this one….”What A Peach II”


3 thoughts on “From Grandma’s Kitchen

  1. Love them both, Wyna, title and all. Your peaches actually have a fuzzy look to them (how did you do that?), and the light is so beautiful. I love how you depicted the cut-out work on the cloth in painting #2 – beautiful stuff!

  2. What a fun challenge! Your still lifes are always wonderful Wyna!

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