My son Cedar

So, after painting my daughter, I felt guilty that I hadn’t painted my son yet. I have lots of pictures, but just hadn’t gotten around too it! So I looked through my photos and finally chose this one. He’s taking a break from roping practice and I can tell he’s thinking about the last few runs and evaluating them in his head. I was drawn to the contemplative look and the dark cast shadow from the hat.
This is 15×22 on 140# rough



4 thoughts on “My son Cedar

  1. Beautiful Wyna, you really captured his contemplative look.

  2. joani1 says:

    Good lookin’, Wyna – the painting, too. ;O) Truly, love your soft touch.

  3. Shari Swanson says:

    Just realized he is also wearing sunglasses. The quiet, strong Western man. I like the type, Wyna. I also like the light colors (hat and shirt) against an even lighter background. Makes Cedar the only thing to notice; his deep concentration.

  4. You really captured him deep in thought, Wyna. Great expression, accentuated by your contrasts.

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