At Ease

I like taking lots of pictures while my husband ropes. It gives me something to do then and then later when I paint them. This painting is of a fellow that was watching a roping practice. I was drawn to the way he was sitting half cocked. Exactly what we all do when we’ve been in the saddle too long and are sitting there waiting. It helps ease the ache in the lower area!
“At Ease” 22×15 FA 140# rough paper.



4 thoughts on “At Ease

  1. joani1 says:

    Really like this, Wyna – the composition is well thought out and your work is really great!

  2. Shari Swanson says:

    I love your cowboys. I’m probably repeating myself, but I recognize these guys, as a type. Makes me homesick.

  3. Beautiful! Great colors, too, to bring out the moment!

  4. Beautiful Wyna! You really caught the half-cocked pose…I can feel it too.

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