Paintings from The Florida Splash!

I went to Florida in August with an on line group called Painting Friends. This is one of the paintings from a demo By Kay Smith. 15×22

We also had a wonderful demo by Stephie Butler. She has an amazing way with painting faces/eyes. This is the painting I did from one of her demos. 22×15

Then, while Stephie demoed another little girl, i worked on a painting of my daughter as a little girl. 22×15


Have you ever seen a purple cow?

Sorry to post these all at once, but i have so many paintings to add, to catch up.

Here is another one.


Have You Ever Seen A Purple Cow?

I had this photo of one of our cows. I cropped her up tight, and manipulated the colors in iPhoto. Then painted her. She’s on 300# Arches cold press paper. Sold her at the Winnett Christmas stroll.

Little Buck


This is a little painting…..7×11 on rough paper. I wanted to have a lost edge along his back where the sun is hitting. This painting was donated to Montana Watercolor Society, painting boon raffle.

Same Roper, two different looks.

I took several pictures while we were in Arizona last winter, and really liked this cropped version. I went in to the first one in my usual manner and and liked the results. a few things that i’d do different….the hat feels a bit flat…needs more color.


When i decided to do a second one, i took the reference and played with in in iphoto. I could see some lost edges. This time i used a limited palette, and mixed the colors on the paper instead of the palette. I used quin.burnt orange, French ult. blue, perylene maroon, and maybe raw sienna, i’m not sure.


I feel the second one is more exciting because of the lost edges and limited colors.
this one is sold.

Prairie Pickings

I’ve grown up on the prairies of Montana. I’ve married a rancher and raised my two children on these same open prairies. One of the many benefits and joys that come with this lifestyle is hunting for glass treasures. The ranches I grew up on and the one I live on now, are littered with old homesteads, and on these bits of forgotten lives one can find a glimpse of the “old days.” Sometimes one can find shards of purple glass and on a really good day it might be a whole bottle. Every little piece speaks to me and I save it. Over the years I’ve found several treasures. One day I noticed the interest created when the bottles overlapped. I played with my camera and came up with this composition. While painting this piece I spent a lot of time mulling over the death of a friend and when I see this painting, without fail, I think of this wonderful man and his family, and how it has intertwined and overlapped my own family, kind of like these bits of treasured glass do.



While we were in Arizona this winter, i had no wheels, and so i was left to my own devices.  There was little to paint right at the condo and i didn’t want to hike with all my painting things to plein air paint, so i bought a bouquet of stargazer lilies at the grocery store, and a glass swan.  This painting really gave me fits.  I had already started the painting before i realized that i didn’t like the head of the swan in the midst of the lily.  Not enough separation.  It was quite challenging getting the smooth transitions to form the petals.  In the end, i had to rework this several times.  

11×15 Fabriano Artistico 140# rough



Several months to catch up on.

I have to apologize for my absence.  I have a new computer and have had a horrible time getting it to let me into my wordpress blog.  After several hour on the phone with tech support, over the last two months, i am FINALLY able to get into the dashboard and make a post!  It would not have taken the normal person that long, but when it comes to technology….I’m slow!  

So…now…where was i…I think the last painting i shared was a little lamb, and i was really thinking spring….well THAT didn’t happen, did it?  lol  So i guess its back to colder weather.  I had a photo of my MIL’s house that i had wanted to paint for some time.  i loved the misty foggy look and the cows that walk by under the lip of the hill.  


15×22 140# rough paper

not available (my sister in law had to have it!)